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How to Write Tips Booklets - Easy to Write and Very Profitable for Writers and Affiliate Marketers

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One of the easiest and potentially most profitable information products to create is one containing short tips or snippets of information about a specific subject.

Such items take just a short time to create and require no special writing skills and, unlike longer information products, such as articles and books, they can be created in whatever time the writer has available, even minutes every few days will suffice.  So, compared to writing an article of 2,000 words, for example, which most writers prefer to finish at one sitting to avoid losing focus on their subject, a tips booklet can be created bit by bit, tip by tip, in whatever time the writer can spare.

Also unlike longer written types, there’s no requirement for writing to flow, or for one paragraph to lead neatly into another, there’s no need to worry about overuse of specific words such as might count as keyword spamming for information products published online.

That’s because each tip is a separate entity, self-contained and focusing on one main key word or phrase, so there’s no need for tips to lead naturally from one to the next, as is essential for paragraphs in an article or short story, for instance, and there’s no need to replace heavily duplicated words that make an article look stilted but which are entirely acceptable in a run of separate short paragraphs.

Another great benefit of creating reports based on snippets and tips is the chance to add numerous affiliate links throughout the report, where each might be perceived as essential to a specific tip, but might look out of place dotted freely through a longer article or book.

Tips booklets also make excellent supplements to products available from other sources such as resell rights and plr items, or as bonus gifts to induce sales of affiliate products or the tips writer’s own products.

The secret to using tips articles to boost sales is to make the bonus item worth at least as much as the main product and to forward the gift only when a sale has gone through.

Here are some ideas for tips books, where ‘x’ is a specific number, 10, 20, 101, and so on.  Try writing one or two of these and using them as bonus gifts to encourage sales of your own products or affiliate recommendations.

x Victorian Love Poems to Awaken New Love Today

x Aphrodisiacs to Make in Minutes and Enjoy All Night Long

x Travel Tips

x Easy Ways to Pay Off a Student Loan

x Top Paying AdSense Keywords

x Most Viewed Articles at Ezine Articles

x  Places to Promote Your eBooks that Don’t Involve eBay

x  Ways to Make your eBooks Different - how to turn boring resell rights titles into popular best sellers

x  Free Gifts to Make Your eBooks Different

x Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

x Ways to Help your Cat Lose Weight

x Ways to Make Money With Your Digital Camera

x Dead Writers Whose Work is Now in the Public Domain

x Dead Artists Whose Work is Now in the Public Domain

x Dead Photographers Whose Work is Now in the Public Domain

x Things You Can Get Free

x Free Screensavers

x Free eBooks to Help Grow Your Business on eBay

x Top Collectibles on eBay

x Top Selling Cigarette Cards on eBay

x Top Selling Postcards on eBay

x Top Selling Stamp Packages on eBay

x Top Selling Vintage Photographs on eBay

x  Wholesale Suppliers of (specific product)

x Ways to Sell Other People’s Rubbish on eBay

x Ways to Sell Legal Fake Art on eBay

x Scrapbooking Tips

x Top Article Directories

x Ways to Make $100 a Day on eBay and Probably a Great Deal  More

x Ways to Make $100 a Day Writing Articles

x Ways to Make $100 a Day Promoting ClickBank Products

x Ways to Make $100 a Day Writing Short Paragraphs

x Ways to Make $100 a Day From Google AdWords

x Ways to Make $100 a Day Blogging for Other People

x Ready-Made Campaigns for Your AdWords Promotions

x Ways to Find Gold at Boot Sales and Flea Markets

x Chocolate Cake Recipes

x Ready-Made Book Reviews for Top Selling ClickBank Products

x Bedtime Stories to Overcome Children’s Sleeping Problems

x Old-Time Magic Gardening Tips

x Victorian Love Letters

x Things You Didn’t Know About (Geographical Location)

x Things You Didn’t Know About (anything )

x  Things You Didn’t Know About Your Street 100 Years Ago - you could create this sort of thing from any early public domain book listing people living in a specific location at a particular time,

x  Things You Didn’t Know About Your Town (or almost any other location, such as City, School, Church, etc.) 100 Years Ago

x  Picture Postcards of (specific Location / Person / Activity)

x  Golf Jokes

x  Football Jokes

x  ‘Knock Knock’ Jokes

How To Read Your Lover Like an Open Book - 100 + Handwriting Samples and Meanings

x  Things Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

x  Things Your Cat is Trying to Tell You

x  Things Your Baby is Trying to Tell You

x  Things Your Lover is Trying to Tell You

x eBay PowerSeller Tips

x Best Selling Books on Amazon

x Ways to Make Money from Home

x Mystery Shopping Companies

x  Data Entry Companies

x  Public Domain Information Product Download Sites

x  Make Up Tips

x  Hair Styling Tips

x  Native American Baby Names

x  Causes of Dog Seizures

x  Places to Make Money From Your Articles Online

x  Places to Sell Your Photographs Online

x  Tips for Teaching Your Parrot to Talk

x  Native American Herbal Remedies

x  Picture Retouching Tips

x  Things to Tell Your Children to Protect Them from Bullies

x  Vegetable Dishes Your Children Will Love

x  Top London Restaurants

x  Top New York Restaurants

x  Ways to List Products Faster on eBay

x  Ways to Cut Your Overheads on eBay

x  eBay Arbitrage Tips

x  Ways to Become an eBay PowerSeller in 100 Days or Less

x  Affiliate Profit Tips

x  Natural Cures for Wasp and Bee Stings

x  Ways to Save Money on Transport

x  Ways to Backpack Free of Charge

x  Backpack Survival Tips

x  Ways to Ward Off Unwanted Sexual Advances

x  Ways to Stop Your Drink Being Spiked

x  Father of the Bride Speeches

x  Gifts for Godparents to Give Their Godchildren

x  Crossword Solving Tips

x  Games and Puzzles to Create for Profit

x  Lottery Winning Tips

x  Ghosthunting Tips

x  Amazing UFO Stories

x  Perfume Making Recipes

x  Reasons Proprietary Food is Killing Your Dog

x  Natural, Chemical-Free Foods to Feed Your Pet

x  Irish Folk Tales

x  Gipsy Remedies for Gout

x  Most Difficult Words to Spell

x  Places to Eat for Free

x  Ideas for Creating Tips Booklets!

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