Thursday, March 05, 2015

How to Make Money Fast As a Micro-Blogger

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A micro-blog is a blog that typically focuses on a specific niche within an overall larger subject area. So, for example, a conventional blog might focus on cats in general, while its smaller counterpart relates specifically to Ragdoll cats, or in even narrower terms the micro-blog might center on the history of Ragdoll cats.

Bloggers focussing on tight niche subjects can make money much faster from their work than their counterparts creating blogs covering a subject in depth. That is because:

* A profitable niche blog can comprise just ten or twenty pages, sometimes just one or two pages, and can be created in hours or days, compared to blogs covering a subject in depth which can take years to create, and perhaps never be complete. So a micro-blog can very quickly provide all the relevant information visitors may be seeking, while a comprehensive blog - sometimes called an 'authority' blog - on a subject that evolves over time, will always be one step behind developing news stories.

* Because they're quick to create, a niche blog can begin making money right away, even from just two or three pages uploaded to the site, while an authority blog comprising just a few pages will look incomplete and unprofessional and may deter visitors from buying.

* The blogger can create multiple smaller blogs in much less time than it takes to create one authority blog. This means the blogger does not risk spending all of his time creating one blog that goes out of fashion or faces heavy competition, or simply doesn't make money. By creating a range of micro-blogs, the blogger is spreading his risk across a variety of subjects, allowing him to focus his time and effort, also money, on blogs proving the most popular and most profitable at any point in time.

These are the most important steps in developing a niche blog that begins making money right away:

Step One

Choose a subject you'll enjoy researching and blogging about. Working with subjects you enjoy allows your enthusiasm to rub off on visitors to your blog and encourages them to pay regular visits.

Step Two

Once you have your main subject area, hone in on a specific niche, such as the history of Ragdoll cats, mentioned earlier, compared to blogging about cats in general. If your main subject is ballet, your sub-niche could be ballet shoes, for instance, or ballet lessons. Should your main interest be country music, your niche blog might focus on a specific era of country music, or a particular artist.

Step Three

Choose a domain name for your blog that features words commonly keyed into search engines to locate the kind of goods and services you might soon be promoting at your blog. So a blog about ballet shoes, for example, may feature a specific design of ballet shoes in its domain name. Having your niche subject appear in your blog's url helps search engines identify your blog as a potential source of quality information for people currently using similar keywords in search queries. As a result, your blog can quickly rank high or even hit the coveted number one spot in major search engine returns.

Step Four

Find products to promote at your micro-blog, either by creating those items yourself or by having someone create goods for you. Alternatively, choose from thousands of affiliate products available by keying something like 'affiliate + your product type' into any major search engine.

Step Five

Now you begin researching content for your blog and creating and uploading posts providing as much information as possible about your niche subject. Once done, you spend the remainder of your working day on Step Six, the most important aspect of micro-blogging.

Step Six

Drive traffic to your micro-blog. One of the best ways to attract visitors is by writing articles about your niche subject and placing them on article directories with links leading back to your micro-blog. Alternatively, write short posts in forums and blogs focusing on subjects similar to your own chosen niche.

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