Thursday, March 05, 2015

Reciprocal Backlinking and How It Helps Your Sites Rank High In Search Engine Returns

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Reciprocal backlinking is a process whereby you place a link to another person's promotions on your website, and they reciprocate by placing a link on their websites leading back to your own. The process can be hugely effective and well worth working hard to have reciprocal links for your site on a wide range of other people's websites and blogs. But there are problems to contemplate, all easy to circumvent, and backlinking this way really will help you make money fast from your promotions. So although it takes a little longer than other marketing techniques such as writing articles and placing posts on other people's blogs and forums, you really should try your hand at reciprocal linking. Let me tell you how it works.

Anyone with their own website will have received emails from other webmasters offering to add your link to their website, if you link to theirs. Most of these offers are well worth considering, mainly because people have usually taken time and effort to compile a list of websites, as well as website owners likely to consider their offer.

But I'm told only about five per cent of requests actually get accepted and of those not all links take place or have their desired effect. That said, if you have time on your hands this could be a useful way to generate backlinks. Start by looking for websites on a similar subject to your own and from which backlinking is likely to be more effective than from dissimilar sites. Make a note of the website owner or main contact; you'll usually find the details somewhere on the page.

You can find sites similar to your own by keying words to describe your website content into the search box at and studying listings on the first five or six pages.

Compile a list of one hundred or more contacts. Then write a short email saying how you'd like to have a link for your site (an active link with keyword rich text) placed on their site, and you will reciprocate the gesture.

Ask the other person to send their chosen text and url to you and say you will upload the link within a specific time, and then you will send your link and text for them to upload. But be sure to check the other person actually does upload your link, and correctly, and be quick to contact them if things don't go according to plan.

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