Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Give Me $60, £60, 60 Units of Any Country Currency and I’ll Make You a Millionaire in Return!

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Imagine this scenario: source just one new product every day and be an Internet millionaire this time next year!

No chance, or so I thought!

But actually I’ve just read a book that really does show how easy it is to find that one product each day and reach millionaire status twelve months from now – oh, let’s be honest, this wasn’t someone else’s book, this is something I’ve almost completed writing myself and I’ve been compiling it for almost ten years!

I wrote it because I’m a lifelong devotee of numbers games, especially in business and I know that playing numbers games is the way to generate a fabulous income from eBay and elsewhere, on and off the Internet.

So in personal terms I know if I buy an album of 100 postcards for one hundred pounds, I only have to sell twenty of those cards at a fiver apiece to recoup my investment and from there it’s profit all the way.  I know if I spend two or three hours finding ten or twenty misspelled listings on eBay which are generating zero bids, all I have to do is research the resell value of those products on eBay, then buy them at least a tenner each below their resale value.  Then I relist those previously misspelled items on eBay for a tenner pure profit apiece, netting me two hundred pounds or more for what amounts to less than a day’s easy work.

But wait, where’s that one product a day concept that promises to make you a millionaire this time next year?

Well while looking at this numbers game a little more closely than usual today, it struck me that all I had to do was find one new product every day which would sell just once each week and make sixty pounds pure profit every time.  You can if you like split that into one product that sells twice each week at thirty pounds profit each time, one product that sells three times each week at twenty pounds profit, and so on.

Over the year that sixty pounds each week (£60 by 50 weeks, on the assumption you take a break sometimes) puts £3,000 into your bank account.  Now imagine you find a new product every day for 350 days, it sells once each week, it nets £3,000 a year profit, and already we’re up to £1,050,000 annual turnover!

Can it be done?

Yes definitely!

But there are problems – of sorts – to contend with, such as the more items you sell, the more time and effort goes into delivering those products to buyers, and the more room you’ll need to stock those products – unless you focus on instant download digital items, for instance, or products delivered by dropshippers.

Bear in mind you can only sell downloadable items through Classified Ads. on eBay’s .com site, so the answer to making your fortune this way is to find a suitably profitable product each day, from ClickBank or PayDotCom or by creating your own eBook or software programme, and aim to sell at least one copy of each title every week through eBay Classified Ads.  Alternatively, work outside eBay, selling your own or other people’s downloadable products through article marketing, press release, and other easy low cost marketing options.

Or you could work with dropshipping companies for products you identify as selling successfully for other eBay sellers and matching your required sales and profit levels.

Bear in mind that some products will sell in multiple quantities each week, sometimes each day, and that means you could exceed million pound annual turnover in shorter time with less work.  Even better, some products fetch hundreds of pounds pure profit per sale and can sell in multiple quantities each week.

Oh my head is spinning with product ideas right now, I’m thinking of designer clothing, for example, also cars and yachts, and so many other items alongside which you’ll find by studying eBay listings by choosing ‘Price: Highest First’ from the dropdown menu to the right of the page.

So you see, the options for making a quick profit on or outside of eBay are easy and waiting for you right now.

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