Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why £2 a Week is A Massive Fortune to Me! And It Should Be a Great Deal of Money to You Also!

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Many people think I make a fortune online, but actually I don’t.  In fact I make about £100 a day, and I’m glad of it.  Glad of it because:

*  That one hundred pounds is free of overheads and, apart from the taxman wanting his share, it’s all mine!

*  I never meet customers face to face, sometimes people don’t even know it’s me who’s getting their money, and that suits me fine as well.

*  This £100 is the very least I earn each day, I sometimes more, and I’m guaranteed to make that one hundred pounds from all the many tasks I have to choose from each day.

Another reason I always make £100 and sometimes a great deal more every working day is that I think and work in two pound units.  I rarely think in margins of ten or twenty pounds profit per sale …. two pounds is all I want!

BUT THE BIGGEST SECRET IS THIS ….. over time that £2 a week becomes £100 a year, and more in coming years.

Can you see a really great money-making idea unfolding here, can you see how I really can turn one day’s work, or more likely a few minutes’ work or an hour at most, into a regular source of income for many years to come?

Yes, of course you can see how it works, and if you join me you’ll also make a good living every day, without risk and with few or no disappointments.

Best of all you can keep the day job if you really want to and consider the £2-a-week money-makers you’ll read about now as icing on the cake!

Read on to see how it’s done where the following represent just a few of about one hundred tasks I have identified and from which I pick my own task for the day.  I don’t mind you copying anything I do; in fact I’ll be delighted.

*  Look for a product that will sell once a week, better still once a day, and preferably seven or eight or more times every twenty-four hours on eBay.  That product has to make at least two pound pure profit after all overheads.

Work it out: if a product takes me a few minutes - or even half a day - to locate and makes just £2 a week, that’s one hundred pounds profit over the year, and few if I’ve chosen my original product carefully there should be no rival sellers on eBay or other marketplace.

What sort of items are we looking at here?  How about:

-  Pound Shop finds that fetch a fiver each on eBay.

-  Pound shop or other low cost items you can bundle into threes or fours, fives at most, then charge ten pounds a pack on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other marketplaces.

-  A CD filled with eBooks and reports that cost you ten pounds with resell rights and which you have rebundled and given an attractive new name.  If you’re selling on eBay you do an advanced search for eBayers selling resell right items on CD, you determine how many items they sold each week at a tenner or more pure profit per sale!  Then you create a superior product, write a better sales letter, make your eBay image way more appealing than any you’ve seen so far.  You’re also charging much less than those other sellers, and that means your product should sell in much higher quantities.

And now you have a mountain of good ideas for making money from low cost original products, it’s time to put on your thinking cap and turn 2014 into a massive profit year for you.

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