Sunday, February 21, 2016

How Clever Sellers Use Free Information Products to Grow their Product Sales

All over the world people are still reluctant to place credit card orders online, despite the high security generally involved.  So Internet companies have to work harder to sell their products than their bricks and mortar high street counterparts. 

One way to gain buyer confidence and increase sales is by letting website visitors download a valuable information product free of charge in exchange for adding their contact details to the online seller’s mailing list.

Once names are added, the marketer sends emails containing useful tips and helpful advice to establish a relationship with list members and ultimately turn them into buyers.   After a couple of weeks the emails can become more promotional in content. 

Then when list members realise the marketer is genuine and approachable, many will begin purchasing from him or her in preference to spending on the high street.

These are examples of free information products designed to attract people to a website and generate confidence in the website owner:

* Say you are a travel agent selling discount airline tickets.  It's a highly competitive business as you will see from hundreds of small ads. placed by competing companies in countless newspapers and glossy magazines.  An online seller might compete by getting people to download a free book of money off vouchers to use at their destination in exchange for joining the online marketer’s mailing list.  Then the seller begins promoting goods and services those people might find useful at their destination.

* Let's say you are selling Barbie dolls at your website. Barbie dolls are immensely popular and literally thousands of companies compete for sales on and off the Internet. But you could easily attract thousands of people to your website by offering a downloadable PDF file of knitting and sewing patterns for clothes to fit Barbie.   Inside your report you place links to dolls and other products available from your website.

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