Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Build Niche Mini-Sites For Fast and Healthy Profits

'Mini-Site' is a commonly used term in the world of making money online and it has a variety of definitions, but always meaning 'small', hence the term 'mini'. So a mini-site might comprise ten pages or just one but rarely will 'mini' be applied to a site containing hundreds of pages or focusing on more than one tight niche market or product.

Very often a mini-site is a one page site comprising a sales letter for one product and its aim is to convert visitors into paying customers. Because it contains just one or a few pages at most, the site can be highly focused and created in a couple of hours and begin making sales and growing a mailing list very soon afterwards.

And because they are so small and usually tightly focused, mini-sites can be grown quickly around a small number of commonly used search keywords and phrases and quickly begin driving traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.  To illustrate, for a high frequency phrase like 'train a dog to heel', it's very easy to write content for one to ten web site pages containing that term but very difficult to create several hundred articles based on that term for an authority site with hundreds or even thousands of pages.

These are the main steps involved in creating a high profit mini-site:

* Find a popular niche, one that is searched for hundreds or better still thousands of times every day. The greater the number of searches made for the subject of your site, the more people will ultimately visit your site and the more money you are likely to make.

* Find a product or service to promote at your site. Choosing a niche is just one step on the way to making a living from mini-sites and arguably the most important early step.  But regardless of how good a niche you pick and how many people are interested in the subject of your mini-site, you'll still not make money unless there are products at the site for people to buy or advertising links for them to click on to generate commissions for you. So we're looking at finding products to promote from the likes of ClickBank and Amazon, and commission generating links from Google AdSense and similar pay-per-click promoters.

* Create content for your mini-site.  Content is information designed to interest potential buyers for whatever products or promotions feature at your site.  It's keywords and phrases used in articles and blog postings that tempt Google and other search engines to lift your sites higher in search engine returns than sites based on similar niches but without useful information to benefit Google customers. So you need quality articles based on words and phrases that are commonly keyed into search engines to locate sites similar to your own.

* Design a landing page for your site. Your landing page is that part of your site where people arrive as a result of your chosen traffic generating techniques. It's called a 'landing' page because that is where people 'land' immediately they decide to visit your site. Your landing page can be a simple sales page or somewhere for people to sign up to join your mailing list for news of current and future product offers.

* Upload your site to the Internet, determine what traffic generating techniques will best attract potential buyers and pay-per-click users to your site, then develop a plan for attracting as much traffic as possible to begin making money for you.

Job done!

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