Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Handmade Issues and a Rapidly Developing Marketplace for You to Profit From

There’s talk of one of the world’s most highly respected websites - Etsy - suffering significant problems recently, prompted mainly by an influx of new and possibly bigger competitors in the market for handmade and artist created products. 

At a time when few people realised a growing interest in buying handmade goods Etsy - http://www.etsy.com - emerged as the place for talented artists and craftspeople to sell their wares online to an international audience and for several years Etsy remained on top.

Quality of goods was high and many very gifted creators sold exclusively at the site, leading to high profits for makers and for the company behind the site.  Then as happens for most good things, the competition got wind of an easy way to make money, by simply mediating between people good at making things and others good at selling them.  

Today, Etsy’s main rivals are eBay and Amazon, each with its own developing platform for handmade and artisan created goods, and presenting a major threat to Etsy’s survival.

But for people like us the result is a proven product and plenty of places to market goods you and I don’t have to create and won’t even have to pay for in advance of selling them on sites like eBay and Amazon and, hopefully, Etsy too.

All we have to do is find artists and craftworkers, people typically good at making things and lousy at selling them, and we offer to represent them online. 
It’s all so easy, I’ve done it many times myself and, as soon as Amazon and eBay have all their ducks in a row we’ll take a close look at making money ourselves from other people’s hard work and creative genius.

Until then, keep watching this space!

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