Monday, January 18, 2016

Four Steps to Internet Marketing Millions

Today I want to suggest the best way possible to virtually guarantee you'll always make money online, both on and outside of eBay, and it's all down to keeping four steps in mind for every product you sell.

Those four steps are:

1.   Find a market comprising people with a problem or need.  Basically the bigger the problem, the greater the need, the more money you are likely to make.

But there is one other important thing to consider here, namely one of finding people with money to spend and money they are willing to spend to solve their problem or satisfy their need.  If members of your target audience have money but they don't want to spend it on your product, you're onto a loser right from the get go.

Similarly if people have a big problem or a passionate need and no money to spend on whatever product you find to benefit them.

2.  Find a product to solve the problem or satisfy the need. The more you can ask for the product and the less you have to pay to acquire it, the more money you are going to make. The product can be exclusive to your business or it might be something a good number of other people are selling.

Also important, you should look for products that not only solve the problem or satisfy the need of many people within your target market, but which also have repeat or back end selling potential where people return regularly to buy from you.

3.  Design a contact point, called a 'landing page', where potential customers congregate and which directs them to buy the product right away or sign up to a mailing list.  On eBay this landing page is your listing and it can be an auction listing or a classified advertisement, a Buy It Now or fixed price listing.

4.  Drive traffic - namely people with a problem or need - to your landing page.  On eBay you do this by using keywords in titles and descriptions that people will actually use to find your product, and you also need to create very clear illustrations to make sure people open your listing rather than move on to sellers with better product images.

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