Monday, January 18, 2016

Buy Goods Cheap From Wholesalers and Sell at High Prices on eBay

Wholesalers typically offer products in bulk at a significant discount on retail value and represent one of the easiest ways to locate products with regular high profit potential on eBay.

They deal with trade only because selling to private will alienate them with commercial buyers. And that's the reason most wholesalers ask for proof of trading status before allowing you to enter their premises. As an eBay seller you can prove your business status by creating your own letterhead or business card in Microsoft Word and adding your business name and eBay ID. Alternatively, open a business bank account, have your cheque book printed with your eBay ID or formal business name and use that to gain entry.

Most people think wholesalers operate from huge warehouses in major towns and cities, which many actually do, but there are numerous other places to locate high profit goods in bulk at massive discounts.

You can obtain virtually any product from wholesalers, even antiques and collectibles, but sometimes excluding designer brands whose makers prefer to sell direct to the public through approved retailers.

Because so many items are available from wholesalers - some specialising, others selling countless different goods - you can research any product fetching regular high profits on eBay, then obtain just one sample to test the market and later decide whether to purchase goods in bulk to add to your permanent inventory.

However you look at it, buying goods inexpensively from wholesalers and reselling them on eBay is one of the easiest and most problem-free ways to make money online.

Now then, haven’t I just given you a whole bundle of ideas to work with?  

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