Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Make Money Fast Writing 'Mother and Sprog' Articles

We all know what mothers are, don't we, and most of us understand the term 'sprog' also, but just how can those terms in tandem generate a very easy way for you to make money fast?

Well first I need to explain how those terms apply to the task of writing and publishing articles likely to make money fast for you from promotions at your websites and blogs, from AdSense, for example, or ClickBank promotions.

For the purpose of writing articles, 'mother' relates to the website where you'll be making money, from those AdSense promotions, for example, and countless other ways to make money fast promoting your own and other people's products.

'Sprog' describes a mini-article, formed from the body of the mother article, and its purpose is to create a backlink for the mother site and help that site rise high in search engine returns. But there's another reason why a sprog article, rather lots of sprog articles, can help you make money fast and it relates to traffic generated to the mother site by its offspring.

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Basically, this idea works where you create a one page website, or more pages if you like but one page will do. You write an article for that website and search engine optimise it with keywords likely to help the site rank high in search engine returns. That article should contain about 1,000 words and focus on ten different aspects of its subject matter. Then on its own the mother page can begin receiving traffic from search engines and help make money fast for its designer.

But there's another easy and very effective way to drive even more traffic to the mother page and help its owner make money. Fast traffic from a variety of sources is what turns a good money making website into an extraordinarily high money making website and it's all done using sprog articles.

You do it like this:

* Write your mother page, search engine optimise it, leave it for search engines to notice and begin driving traffic.

* Now begin writing smaller articles, 400 words will do, based on specific points from the mother page. So you take point number one at the website and rewrite it from scratch. Then add more text relating to the point at hand until your sprog article is at least 400 words long. Finish with a resource box for your smaller article that invites readers on other people's websites to visit the mother website to learn more about the subject of the article. Make your resource box interesting and cryptic and you can easily generate hundreds of visitors for an article that takes less than fifteen minutes to write.

* Write small articles for each topic covered on the mother page, and then go write many more articles about each and every point, all ending with an invitation to visit the longer article at the website designed to make money fast for you.

* Upload your smaller articles to article directories like EzineArticles from where you'll direct traffic to your mother site as well as growing useful backlinks to help the site grow even higher in search engine returns.

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