Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is This THE Easiest Way to Make Money Fast?

I think it is, and I'm sure you'll agree once you've finished reading this article. But there is a big secret you need to know about in advance!

That secret is, there is no one easy way to make money fast, there are a great many, although most of those opportunities depend on what words like 'money' and 'fast' really mean to you.

If money means a basic living wage, enough to pay the bills, but with nothing left over to finance a new house or car, or pay for fancy holidays, then yes you really can make money fast, starting right now.

But if you're looking to make a fortune today, or tomorrow at the latest, then you're in for a big disappointment, because short of winning the lottery few people ever get to make money that fast.

And what does 'fast' mean to you? Is it today, next week, or would you be happy to have a decent wad of cash in the bank sometime next year?

Unsurprisingly, if you haven't guessed it already, this article is not about making a huge fortune in record quick time. It's about making a good living in the shortest possible time, but only by focussing on proven profit makers and always being prepared to tackle and test other, newer and maybe more reliable ways to make money.

'Fast', meaning in the shortest possible time, can be achieved by remaining focussed on whatever's making you the most money at any one time, and moving quickly to new pastures if your current income streams start to dwindle or even dry up completely.

And that pretty much reveals what I personally think is the best way to make money fast, and it's not actually a way at all, but rather a method of making sure you make as much money as possible in the shortest time possible.

That method goes like this:

- Develop a portfolio of money-making opportunities, both on and off the Internet, and test how much time each opportunity takes to generate a specific income level, after expenses. Make those presenting the highest profit margins in the shortest time your main tasks for the day, and keep on testing new ways to make money fast. So if, for example, you can write a few articles in two hours for someone prepared to pay you the equivalent of an average day's pay, you should probably look for other clients willing to pay similarly high rates for your articles. If you've found a product that fetches more than the average daily wage every time you sell two or three units on eBay, you should look for other markets to sell the same product until your profits are maximised for that one item. Then start looking for more writing clients, and more buyers for your eBay product, look for new sources of income to test for profitability.

- Do not ever restrict yourself to just one source of income, however profitable it might be. That's because if that one source of income dips, in part or total, you could be left with no income at all! So opt for a portfolio of business opportunities and continue testing new ones, always with the objective of concentrating on those that make the highest profits faster than others.

So say right now you're writing articles and selling a specific product on eBay, when suddenly your main writing client dies and eBay bans your product from selling at their site. What do you do now? If you've followed my thinking so far, the answer is to expand on other moneymaking options you've tested and were running alongside your writing and eBay ventures. Then focus on making money from those other options while looking for new ones to replace those you've just lost.

And that is it, the answer to how to get customers and keep them buying for many years to come. Easy wasn't it?

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