Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to Sell Collectable Stamps and Postmarks on eBay


#1.  Buy albums containing stamps from all over the world.  Split into country lots and sell to people collecting just one country stamps. 

Another idea: buy themed stamp collections, such as all dogs, all trains, all space travel.  Some themed stamp albums contain thousands of stamps.  All you do is split contents into same breed of dog, same country trains, all roses, all famous people, and so on.  Then you sell in lots of ten to twenty stamps on eBay.

#2.  Break pre-1900 atlases into separate maps to sell individually.  Use maps with plain backs; buyers don’t like double-sided pages.  Remove problem areas round corners and margins and mount whatever is left of a damaged map.  Old maps can also be used in jewellery and altered art products.

#3. Look for collections of multi-country view postcards.  Split into countries and sell cards separately to one country buyers.  Or buy one country collections to split and sell as individual states and counties.  Any that don’t sell can be bundled into one country/county/state lots and auctioned with a low starting price.

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