Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Anti-Virus Software and a Major Problem to Guard Against

Today I want to reveal problems I experienced this week that were entirely avoidable and I don’t ever want you to encounter anything similar. 

Let me begin by updating you on that computer I ordered a few weeks ago, the one a very well-known courier company said they had delivered but in fact they hadn’t.  The computer did actually turn up, a week later than expected and via an altogether different carrier and the packaging was in terrible condition.

But worse was still to come and it gave me two sleepless nights and panic attacks for several days.

In a nutshell, what happened was this: as I was installing anti-virus software and Microsoft updates on the new computer, I very stupidly did something I have many times told my readers never to do.  I downloaded what I thought was a genuine programme, in this case Google Chrome, then I began using the computer.

Within minutes and going on for several days there were advertisements popping up all over the screen; I turned a blind eye to them all, believing my anti-virus software would eliminate all possible threats.

Then my husband began using the computer and said ‘What’s that ‘b’ in the middle of Google Chrome’s logo down there?’

And that is when the penny dropped and I realised I had innocently downloaded what is called ‘malware’, a very intrusive programme that can destroy files and steal essential personal data, like financial and personal details, also eBay and PayPal and other website passwords.

I looked into my programmes folder and found more than twelve malware programmes, including one called ‘BoBrowser’, the one using a logo that resembles Google Chrome, with just a few tiny exceptions, including that ‘b’ at its centre.

My husband and I spent hours trying to remove those programmes but the faster we removed them, the more appeared in their place.  Eventually, with more than two hundred suspicious programmes in the system, I turned off the computer and looked for expert help.

Why didn’t my anti-virus software detect the problem and prevent me from downloading the rogue ‘Chrome’ programme?  It’s because malware isn’t always infected, as such, just majorly disruptive and potentially very damaging, and that is why many anti-virus programmes will find and remove viruses but not always malware. 

The long nightmare ended for me using a free malware detection and exclusion programme from 

The free trial takes just minutes to remove all malware programmes and the paid for version will keep your computer malware free.  It cost me £20 to activate my free download and clean up my wonderful new computer and I can honestly say it’s one of the best investments I have ever made.

Please go do the same.

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